Campaign 2023 (for the Renta 2022)

Every year we contribute to the expenses of the State with our taxes. An important part of them will go to finance militarism (4.25% in Spain, in 2022). We propose that you do not resign yourself and show your rejection.
To contribute to military spending is to encourage wars.

This money would be useful if it were used to cover social needs (education, health, culture, decarbonization of the economy, protection of nature, improvement of public services, scientific research for peaceful purposes...).

Manifesto of the beginning of the Alternativa Antimilitarista-MOC tax objection campaign to military spending in 2023..

LWar is a crime against humanity.
To avoid wars we must get wet! Object to military spending!

What is the fiscal objection?

Fiscal objection is the refusal to collaborate financially with the state in the financing of armies and their wars.

Fiscal objection is an act of civil disobedience (therefore, illegal) that consists of diverting part of the taxes of the income tax declaration (IRPF) and to destine this amount to social initiatives that work in the construction of alternatives of transforming and solidary character.

Not one person, not one euro for the war!

How to make a tax objection?

  1. Choose a project or entity to which to allocate the money. We propose the Alternativa Antimilitarista-MOC 2023 International Project. Make a transfer or deposit in their account for the amount you wish to divert (we suggest several possibilities in point 2). Keep the receipt.
  2. You must object an amount that you can afford, in case the Tax Office demands a refund.
    • 1 euro (so you do not run any real risk). It is a symbolic amount.
    • 4.25% of your general taxable base (box 505), which corresponds to the percentage of military spending on the overall State Budget.
    • Any amount you consider.
  3. You make the declaration telematically (Renta Web). Fill it with your data and modify the box 606 ("Withholdings art. 11 of the Directive 2003/48/CE, of the Council reported before January 1, 2019 (Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Monaco and Andorra)") writing the amount that you have decided that you will divert.
  4. Send the letter to the Minister of Finance explaining your reasons for making a Tax Objection to Military Spending. We suggest a un template. We recommend that you attach a copy of the receipt of the payment made. You can send it telematically through the web site of the Tax Agency.
  5. Inform us of your objection because we can make a count of all those that have been made, because this is a collective campaign. Fill in the form:

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