Today, 26/4/2024, MOC València has made a video to promote the tax objection to military spending during the 2024 campaign (IRPF 2023). You can watch the video or download it by clicking on the following link:

Video TOMS 2024

The video, in a simple and clear way, denounces the tremendous increase in military spending, especially during the last two years. It is estimated that in 2024, and despite the fact that the 2023 budgets have been extended, it will reach the scandalous figure of 57,000 million euros in Spain. At the same time, numerous social, educational, nature protection, economic decarbonisation, cultural or health care items have meagre increases or remain frozen. It also shows how senseless it is to devote people and economic resources to preparing for war. The arms race into which European countries have thrown themselves, driven by NATO and US interests and by their military, economic and political elites, as has happened in other historical periods, far from having a dissuasive effect, will lead us to war and self-destruction.

The video shows the testimonies of eight people who have decided to object to military spending on their tax returns. Anyone can practice this simple act of civil disobedience, even by diverting from their taxes the symbolic amount of €1 (with no known legal or tax effect). By registering their desire not to collaborate with the maintenance of militarism, nor with the preparation of wars, they put their conscience and their humanity above blind obedience to the state. This breaks a forced and imposed "consensus" that does not allow us to question the meaninglessness of militarism and enables us to open a real path towards the construction of a more just society and a truly peaceful world.

The fiscal objection to military spending is one of the few instruments that ordinary people have to say loud and clear to our government, which defines itself as the most progressive in history, that we do not agree with the increase in military spending, nor with the promotion of war as an instrument of its international policy.