Interview with Ruth Ferrero,

professor at the UAM,

on TVE, Informativo 24 horas, on 19/4/2024:

(4.5 minute video)

The professor of Political Science at the Autonomous University of Madrid reviews the context of today's air attack by the Israeli army against Iranian territory:

  • "This attack diverts attention from what is happening in Gaza and from the major offensive that Israel is preparing against the city of Rafah".
  • "It also diverts attention from the debate in the UN Security Council on the recognition of Palestine as a fully-fledged state, which has been vetoed by the US".
  • "Israel is the only country that is attacking four countries at the same time: Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran (in addition to Palestine), and it appears as a victim".
  • "From the Western Powers: the US and the EU, there has only been talk of putting sanctions on Iran for this attack on Israel last weekend, but we are still waiting for EU trade agreements with Israel to be broken, which by the way have explicit clauses so that they can be broken in case of human rights violations".