This weekend, February 17 and 18, the city of Valencia hosted the first ordinary assembly of the year 2024, which serves to coordinate the groups belonging to Alternativa Antimilitarista - MOC. Every four months an assembly is held in a place that rotates between each of the cities where the local groups are based. This time it was the turn of MOC-València. The assembly of groups has updated the common lines of work since the previous one, which met in Madrid in October 2023.

During Saturday's meeting, the mobilizations against wars were discussed, especially those in Gaza and Ukraine, but also those denouncing the more than fifty other war conflicts around the world, often forgotten by the mass media. The actions promoted to remind that the war begins here were discussed: denouncing the trade and export of arms, military spending (tax objection) and investments in armaments (armed banking), the policies of repression of immigration (against Frontex, Stop the War on the Border and support for the Caravan Opening Borders), and how to continue promoting the defence and reception of conscientious objectors and deserters to wars. Other issues were: coordination with the International War Resisters International (WRI); the proposal to the groups of the possible organization of a meeting of antimilitarist collectives in November 2024, in Madrid; and the organization of the Antimilitarist Summer School 2024, which will take place between August 1 and 4, in Rascafría (Madrid), with the title "The threads of memory" and with the aim of making a journey through the history of antimilitarism.


Sunday was dedicated to promoting the meeting, the strengthening of personal ties, recreational activities and a visit to the city of Valencia.




See you next time!